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Vendor Booths

Booths Layout

Pre-Show Checklist:

  • Exhibit Preview – Vendor to confirm the location of the booth and its placement.
  • Floor plan and manual procurement – Vendor to ensure procurement for booth is completed.
  • Tradeshow Logistics – Convention center will handle the trade show floor requirement.
  • Venue & Labor Coordination – Convention center details are provided in the website.
  • Manage audio visual, electrical, F&B – Vendor is responsible for the requirement to be met.
  • Paperwork and contract management – Vendor to ensure that contract is signed with Ohio NAVIKA

On-Site booth Checklist:

  • Shipping – Vendor is responsible for all the shipping of the booth materials
  • Installation/Dismantle – Vendor is responsible for all the setup and dismantling
  • On-Site Supervision – Convention center rules will be followed.
  • Show Services Coordination – Convention center will provide assistance.
  • Material Handling/Drayage – Vendor is responsible for handling of the materials on the Booth floor.

Post-show Checklist:

  • Shipping – Vendor is responsible for post-show shipment.
  • Storage – Vendor is responsible for any storage.
  • Cost Reconciliation – Any cost due to addition booth service requirement has to be paid by the vendor.

Terms & Conditions:

The vendor signing this agreement will be bound by all the terms and conditions mentioned in this agreement. Vendor will also comply with the Duke Energy Convention center Terms and Conditions

  • Prime location Booths marked in the DECC booth layout are available.
  • Each exhibitor (except non-profit organizations/display only exhibitors) will get two FREE Registration. Additional Exhibitor pass will cost $100 each.
  • Booth Allocation is on ‘first come first served’ basis. Booths will be allotted upon full payment only. Space is not guaranteed until payment is received
  • Food should not be sold within the vendor booths, until and unless specifically mentioned.
  • Vendor Booth committee has the right to refuse booth to anybody.
  • Vendor Booth committee has the right on final allocation of booths and changing the layout at any point of time.
  • Neither conference organizers nor the convention center shall be responsible for loss or damage occurring to the exhibits from any cause. No Insurance will be provided by NAVIKA-2019 or the Convention Center. If insurance is desired the exhibitor must obtain it.
  • The Conference organizers – NAVIKA-2019 and other participating organization officers and staff members disclaim all liability for damages or losses caused to any exhibitor by an act of god, or by fire, water, flood, windstorm, utility failures, rodents, acts of vandalism, insurrection, civil disorder, strikes, criminal act or theft. NAVIKA-2019 organizers will not be responsible for any failure for electric or other services.
  • The Conference organizers – NAVIKA-2019 and other participating organization officers and staff members are not responsible for any immigration or customs issues.
  • All matters related to disputes will be settled through arbitration. If there are any legal disputes, the jurisdiction of the court will be in Cincinnati City, OH, USA.
  • No nails or screws may be driven into the floor. No damage of any nature may be done to the booth structure or to any part of the exhibit hall. Exhibitor warrants against structural damages, shall be held responsible for damage to individual exhibit area, and agrees to indemnify conference organizers for any such damage.
  • Booths are non-transferable and not to be used by an entity other than the business/vendor signing this agreement.
  • Vendors shall not sub-lease the booth space to another business, without prior approval and written confirmation from booth committee.
  • No open flames are allowed. All exhibitors must adhere to the local fire department regulations. All wiring must meet appropriate specifications. Each exhibitor is responsible for the knowledge and compliance of all laws, ordinances and regulations pertaining to health, fire prevention and public safety while participating in the convention. Additional wattage power needs to be approved by the facility authorities at the convention center.
  • Exhibitor is responsible for obtaining the necessary business license and collecting local and state sales taxes during the convention.