Navika Convention is a great opportunity for all Kannadigas and Kannada Kootas to get together and showcase their talent as we celebrate the heritage of Karnataka through a variety of cultural activities. We the members of the Procession Committee cordially invite you all to participate in the 2019 Navika Convention and be a part of our Meravanige celebrating “Karunada Vaibhava”. It will be an important event where you can show the spirit of Kannadigas and have great fun interacting with each other.

Theme of the 2019 Navika Convention: Karunada Vaibhava
Navika Beejamantra: Sinchana, Sangama, and Spandana
Activity: Navika 2019 Meravanige
Date: August 31st, 2019, Saturday.  Time: 8.30 AM


  • Choose your own theme based on the general convention theme.
  • Coordinate with procession committee to avoid duplication of displays.
  • All participants must be registered for the Navika Convention.
  • All expenses are to be borne by participants/participating kootas.
  • Please inform the number of participants in the meravanige.
  • Please avoid all political, religious, and other controversial props that convey negative and conflicting messages.
  • Please submit your theme and participation by April 10th , 2019.
  • All requirements such as AV etc must be finalized by June 15th , 2019.
Please contact one of us listed below for any assistance and to submit your themes:

Jyothi Nagaraja
Co-chairperson/Procession committee

B.N. Shankar
Coordinator/Procession Committee

Latha Prasanth
Coordinator/Procession Committee