Participation Rule for all programs:

  • All participants must adhere to the General NAVIKA 2019 Participation Rules as well as those specified herein.
  • Every participant in the group must be registered to the NAVIKA 2019 event.
  • Minimum age for participation is 6 Years
  • All expenses should be borne by the performing team/artists
  • All programs should be presented in Kannada.
  • Team/Artists are responsible for their Props, costumes & makeup.
  • It will be teams’/artists’ responsibility to take permission for any proprietary/copy righted material
  • No political/religious bias in the programs
Program Type Max. Duration Min. No. of Participants
Drama 30 Mins 5
Comedy Skit 15 Mins 3
Dance 30 Mins 3
Non-classical Singing 5-10 Mins Preference will be given for Group Songs.
Classical Music Singing 30 Mins  
  • Exceptions will be made by committee, based on availability of time, exceptional talent and uniqueness of program.
  • To help with the selection process, submission of good quality video/audio (Soft Copy) for audition (minimum of 3 mins recording for 15 minutes item, and 5 minutes for the rest) is mandatory.
    • Video: Upload your video into youtube as private and share the username and password.
    • Audio: Send the audio clip in MP3 format mentioning your program name to
  • All submissions made will be reviewed by the corresponding Committees and upon their recommendation; the final approval will be made by the Program Structure Committee & Steering Committee.
  • If the selected, time will be allocated and that includes Prop setup, Prop removal and artist entry and exit times.
  • Applications for solo performances in Dance, Music and Drama categories are not accepted whereas solo applications for special talent such as Stand-Up Comedy/Shadow Act/Puppetry/Magic Show/Mimicry/Others are accepted in Talent Competition Category.